My Vons and Ralphs Shopping Trips

Today at Vons, I spent $15.44 and saved $8.34, which is 36%. Here's what I bought:
Red and Golden Delicious apples $.77/pound
Miracle Whip and Mayo. $2.99 each = $5.98
Lucerne sliced cheese $1.99
2 Red cake decorating gel $5.58(these weren't on sale, but I need them to decorate my son's birthday cake. I already have the cake and frosting, purchased on a previous shopping trip, on sale)

At Ralphs, I spent $9.53 and saved $14.02, which is 60%. Here's what I bought:
Broccoli $.88/pound
1 Del Monte vegetable $.49
3 Campbells cream soups $.49 each = $1.47 - $.25 coupon, doubled = $.97
6 Pringles $1.29 each = $7.74 - $1.00 coupon = $6.74

Ralphs often has buy 10, get $.50 off each item. Last week, I noticed a lady with a huge box of canned vegetables, so I decided to ask if there's a limit to how many of the 10 items you can purchase and the cashier said she didn't think so. In fact, she recently saw a lady buy 50 canned vegetables, and she received the sales deal on all 50 cans!