Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash Review and Giveaway

As a Purex Insider, I was sent two bottles of Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash to try. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own. Dial has made personal care products for 65 years, and now they've entered into the kids' personal care market. There are two different Body & Hair Wash: Dial Kids Peachy Clean for ages 2+ and Dial Kids Watery Melon for ages 6+. The product was developed with pediatric dermatologists with special formulas just for kids' skin needs. The 2-in-1 formulas combine shampoo and body wash for one easy quick step! The Dial Kids Hair & Body Wash are tear free, hypoallergenic, Ph balanced, and don't contain artificial dyes or added parabens. If you want to find out more, please visit Dialsoap.com.

I used both of the Dial Kids Hair & Body Wash with my 6 year old son when he took a bath. We used the Dial Kids Watery Melon for ages 6+ first - he picked it because of the watermelon scent. This wash offers mild cleansing without drying out your child's skin. We both thought it smelled really nice. I poured some on his washcloth and it lathered up real nice as he washed up. Then, I poured some on his hair for shampooing and it also lathered up nice. The soap rinsed off easily and my son smelled nice and "watemelony" after. The only thing we didn't like was it burned his eyes some when it got in his eyes. I liked that I didn't have to use soap and shampoo - it was very convenient only having to use one thing. My son has eczema and it didn't bother his skin at all, so that's a huge positive.

The next week, we used the Dial Kids Peachy Clean. This wash has the same benefits and also smells really nice. It lathers up really well too and was just as convenient and easy to use as the other Kids Wash. This Wash didn't burn my son's eyes, so that was an added bonus.

We will definitely continue using both Dial Kids Hair & Body Wash for my son's bath time.

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