First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for my three kids! I have a Senior, Sophomore, and First Grader.

You've read a lot on my blog about my Senior, because he's the one with all the health problems. I will be writing about him a lot this year too! He seemed to finally come out of his shell this summer and spent a lot of time hanging out with his friends, which I was very happy about. He has wonderful friends! One friend has leukemia and he had several guys over to his house this summer, learning how to play instruments so they can form a band. My son also spent time with some other friends going fishing at the local pier. My dad came over twice a week, every week, and took him driving since he got his permit at the beginning of summer. So, now he is on a new adventure, his last year of high school! It's sad and exciting at the same time.

My Sophomore was very busy this summer with dance and violin. Her dance recital is near the end of July, so she didn't have much time to enjoy her summer. She only had about 3 weeks without dance class. Her friend started swim practice the same time her dance ended, so they never got to hang out together. She's usually the one always at a friend's house, so it's too bad she didn't have the opportunity to do that this summer. She is starting her second year of high school and is looking forward to playing in the advanced orchestra.

My First Grader found the computer this summer! In Kindergarten, they went to the computer lab once a week and played learning games. So, that's what he wanted to do most of the summer. Of course, he still played outside, played with his brother and sister, and did some learning books with me, but not as much as usual. We usually play games and do art and other things, but he was more interested in the computer learning games. He is really starting on a new adventure going to First grade. It's in a different part of the school and a different playground than the last 2 years of Transitional kinder. and kinder. He will be there all day, including eating lunch. He has about 3 friends in his class, so that's good.

Today has been really hard on me! As soon as I walked in the front door after dropping the last one off, I just sat on the floor and sobbed for about half an hour! Then, I've been crying off and on all morning. I miss my kids so much! I'm also worried about them in their new adventures. Will my Senior stay healthy, do well in his classes, and make it into the college he wants? Will my Sophomore find her way to her classes(she always worries about that), have friends in her classes, and have good teachers? Will my youngest be able to find his way around the new part of school, will he be able to open everything in his lunch, can he survive at school all day? Luckily, the verse this past Sunday in the Sunday School class I taught was, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid." So, my kids said that as I dropped them off for school and I've been saying it all day too. I also asked some people on Facebook and Etsy to pray for my children and me. If any of you would be willing to pray for us too, that would be very kind.