My Craft Business

Last time I wrote about my craft business, I was so excited because a group of us were able to get a space in a retail craft mall store. Well, unfortunately that didn't work out. There were 4 of us, and only 1 of us was very successful. She was so successful, that she even has a second space in that store! So, after 6 months of trying, 2 of us were debating whether to call it quits or not. Another person wanted to come in and take over half the space, so that just made our decision for us. So, it was with much sadness that I emptied out my store space in June. I really loved having my things in a store, but I never sold enough to pay for the space. I still sell on Etsy and am doing pretty good on there, and I also sell on Ebay. I don't sell as much on Ebay, but it's worth a try.

Do any of you have a craft business? Where do you sell?