The Kids' First Week of School

Overall, the kids had a pretty good first week of school.

My Senior barely had any homework the first night, but has had plenty since then. He has 4 AP classes. His teachers seem fine and he has at least one friend in every class. His concert band teacher is finally doing something this year that we wished he had done the past 3 years! He is separating the kids into groups according to their playing level and they get to play songs according to those levels. Finally! My son's private trumpet teacher has wanted the school teacher to do this for a long time!

My Sophomore had 7 1/2 hours of homework the first night and has had about 5-6 every night since then. She has 1 AP class. She hasn't been able to go to dance because homework comes first. If it keeps up like this, we may have to re-evaluate if she can go to dance or not. Most of my daughter's teachers are o.k. and she knows someone in every class. Her English teacher is the only really strange one. She swears every day, said she's been punched by a student and punched back, and she gives them very strange assignments. My daughter is very uncomfortable with her behavior, but the other English teacher is just as crazy, so I don't really want to switch her. I wish they had normal English teachers in 10th grade!

My First Grader is doing really well adjusting to being in school all day. When I picked him up the first day, he said he had a great day! He has a couple of friends in his class and the rest get together at recess. So far, I'm pleased with the teacher. On the second day of school she tested his reading and was so pleased to finally have a first grader she could read Magic Treehouse books with! Yesterday, the principal came in and wanted to get my son started on the first grade ST Math program on the computer. So, it seems like this teacher is really willing to make sure all the kids succeed, even if they're at a high level! That's much different than the past 2 years. I really had to fight for him, and now it's nice I don't have to.