Fage Total Yogurt Review and Giveaway

As a BzzAgent, I was sent a coupon for a free Fage yogurt. Fage is authentic Greek Strained yogurt. Fage opened it's dairy shop in 1926 and is still a family owned company. It's the #1 yogurt in Greece, probably because it's made with 100% natural ingredients: milk and live active cultures or milk, live active cultures and cream. Approximately 4 pounds of raw milk are used to make one pound of thick, creamy yogurt. This yogurt is good for a snack, a meal ingredient or the base of an indulgent dessert. It's rich in protein, low in calories and fat,which makes it a healthy part of your diet. FAGE yogurt is available in 0% non-fat, 2% low-fat and Classic in sizes including 6oz, 7oz, 17oz and 35oz containers for cooking.

I tried the FAGE Total 0% yogurt, since our heart healthy diet requires low/no fat. I always eat my yogurt with chocolate chips, but I wanted to see how FAGE tasted by itself, so I tried a plain bite first. It tasted fine plain, but was even better with chocolate chips. I eat yogurt 4 times a week with my lunch, since yogurt is great for your digestive system and a good source of protein. FAGE yogurt is thick and creamy like they say, and pretty smooth. I'm used to "normal" flavored yogurt, so the taste of the plain yogurt was a little too tart for me to eat. FAGE also has smaller yogurt cups with half yogurt and half fruit to mix together and I think I would like to try that, and would probably like that better. The plain yogurt would be good to use in recipes and also mix summer berries into it.

If you want to learn more about FAGE Total yogurt, you can watch a video on YouTube with Bobby Flay, just click here. You can also visit their FAGE website.

I have been given 2 coupons for a free 17.6 oz any variety FAGE Total Yogurt to give away to 2 of you. All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below, fill out one option or as many as you want. The giveaway ends at 12:01 a.m. eastern time on 09/26/13.

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