My Kids

This past Friday was club day at school, and my Senior helped host the table for the Tech Club. He said about 10 more kids attended the club that day after school! That was great! One of them was his good friend, so that's even better. We were even able to give him a ride home after the club, with my son driving. What a wonderful experience for him!

My poor Sophomore! This Thursday is Back to School night at the high school. My husband won't make it, because he'll be working, so I'm the only one that will go. Since I can't split myself in half, I can only attend one child's classes, and that will of course, be my Senior's. I will just have to write a note to my Sophomore's teachers and let them know why I can't attend. The same thing happened last year. Oh well, I told her I'll be able to go to her next 2 Back to School nights. Do any of you have this same situation? What do you do?

Well, now my First Grader has even more homework this week! He has the same things as last week, plus an hour on the computer - 1/2 hour on the reading program and 1/2 hour on the math program. So much for taking away the computer for his punishment, now that it's required for homework! He pointed that out to me this morning on the way to school too. I'll have to think of something else now. Any suggestions?