Prep for College

Well, I was right, the registration for the SAT was definitely coming up soon. Good thing I decided to look myself, because he registered one day before the last day of registration! I'm surprised the high school didn't tell him about it like they did before, especially since the test is at their school.

I called the high school counseling office to ask when is the last time to take the SAT for sending the scores to the colleges, and she didn't know, so she transferred me to the person in the cafeteria. The cafeteria person told me to talk to the counseling office and when I told her I had, and they sent me to her, she was surprised. She said she does coordinate the staff for the tests, but that's all, that the counseling office knew more about the tests. After that crazy run-around with no information, I asked the question on Facebook. Several of my friend's had Seniors last year, and one said her daughter took it in December and was still able to submit that score to her college she was accepted at. Another friend worked at UC Berkeley for over 35 years and she suggested looking at the college's admission website for the info. So, I looked at the admissions website for UCSD and found out that yes, the test needs to be taken by December.

So, now we have a new tip. If you have a question, check the college website first.

Did you learn any new tips you can share with us?