The Kids

My Senior is doing well in school so far and gets some time on the weekends to practice driving with me. I will write more about him tomorrow in my post about Prep for College.

My Sophomore still hasn't made it to dance class, so she has decided to quit dance. It's a bittersweet moment for me. She's been dancing for for 8 years and the first few years were fine because she didn't take many classes. Her first year of competition was also fine because it was new and exciting. The second year of competing was o.k. at first, but became awful. The third year was really bad and my husband came with us to the competitions, and decided she wasn't going to compete anymore. So, for the last 2 years, she's just been taking 5 regular dance classes. It was still rough because not very many kids were nice to her, in fact some of them were very mean. I had a few parents I talked to, but most wouldn't even give me the time of day. When we went to the dance studio to turn in the withdrawal form, right now, it was a little sad. I'm sad for her because she used to like to dance, but she said it's not fun anymore. I feel a little sad too because it was really my only connection to the outside world. Plus, I always have trouble with change, so having to make such a major change is rough.

My First Grader started getting homework now. He gets it Monday and it's due Friday. We spread it out over the 4 nights, so he can learn to balance his time; which will serve him well as he gets older. He's really smart and the homework is easy for him, yet for some reason, every night, he decides to throw a fit before he does his homework. It usually lasts for an hour and then he'll start his homework, but fuss and whine as he completes it. He eats snack when he gets home and gets changed, then it's time for homework, just like his older brother and sister. Today I told him if he threw a fit he couldn't play on the computer after, yet here he sits, throwing a fit. So, no computer later. I don't know what else to do. His brother and sister weren't this way.