504 Plan

I never knew what a 504 Plan was, until after my son had been sick for about 3 years. A lady at church asked me if my son had one, and she couldn't believe I had no idea what it was. She explained to me that it's a plan that the schools legally have to follow that states what kind of accommodations my son needs at school for his sickness. I immediately asked the school for one and we had one in place at the end of 8th grade, beginning of 9th.

My son's 504 plan, includes a "forever" pass to the nurse whenever he doesn't feel good, it allows him time to make up tests he missed if he's absent, it lets the teachers know what medications he's on and what can be administered at school, it gives him preferential seating in class and preferential scheduling by his counselor, it allows him to eat during long tests if he needs to, and when he was in p.e. it allowed him to self-limit.

Every year, I have to meet with the school to go over the plan and make any necessary adjustments. My last meeting was last Wednesday. The vice principal was there, the nurse, my son's counselor, and the counselor in charge of the 504 plans. The vice principal didn't agree with everything on there, so we had to change some of the wording, but the counselor and I fought him on most of the things he wanted taken off. He isn't usually in the meeting, so maybe they're changing the way they do the 504 plans. The paper shows when the next meeting is scheduled for next year, and I had to say, he's a Senior, he won't be here next year. Aww, my boy's growing up!

I just received my copy of this current plan in the mail yesterday, along with a note that it's been sent to all of my son's teachers. It will be interesting to see if any of his teachers approach him about his needs. Some usually check with him to make sure he's fine with the way everything is in class, and some don't.

I'm so glad the lady at church told me about this 504 plan! It's a great thing to have in place for all my son's needs.

Do any of you have something like this for your kids?