My Kids

My Senior is doing well this week. On Thursday night we have to attend Grad Fair. We're not exactly sure what it is. The only thing we do know for sure is that it will be a time to pay for his cap and gown, and graduation announcements, and anything else we decide to order. I can't believe it's already time to order all of that when he doesn't graduate for 6 more months! I have a feeling Senior year is going to be super busy for all of us.

My Sophomore is also doing well this week. On Thursday night is her orchestra concert. She made it into first string in the Advanced Orchestra and she is very proud. The problem is, her concert is the same exact time as the Grad Fair. So, once again, like at back to school night, my poor daughter is going to be left out. Obviously we need to go to Grad night. So, thankfully, my parents are willing to take my youngest son with them to my daughter's concert and as soon as my Senior and I are done at Grad night, we'll head over to the concert and will hopefully be able to see some of it. Although, it they've started playing, I don't know if they'll let us in. My daughter is being very understanding about all of this. She said, well at least by the time I'm a Senior, you'll know what to do already.

My first grader is doing o.k. this week. He didn't get 100% on his spelling test, because he forgot the period at the end of his sentence! He also just finished throwing a huge fit about doing his writing homework. There are topic sentences about October to choose from, but even with encouragement, he couldn't think of anything to write. I told him to do some other homework instead, since he's so frustrated, and write the story tomorrow instead. So, right now he's doing his computer homework.