Prep for College

Last week was full of things to prepare my son and us for sending him off to college. Last Wednesday evening was the College Fair at his high school. The gym was full of representatives from colleges all around California, other states, and even one from Japan! There were also some financial planning representatives there too. It took a little over an hour for us to walk through all of the colleges. We were just looking for California schools to see if they offer his major, astrophysics. He's only interested in the UC's and I also looked at private colleges. The private colleges didn't have his major, although some did have physics. Most of the representatives were friendly and helpful. We didn't talk to them too long, because there's lots of kids and their parents waiting in line also to talk to each college. My son signed up to receive additional info. from the colleges he was interested in and we got some brochures. I also signed up for more info. from the financial advisers.

Then, on Thursday night , my husband and I attended a meeting that briefly went over lots of subjects: financial aid, naviance, and applying to colleges. We went to it last year when he was a junior, but needed to go again this year to listen to the info for the seniors. They also give us a timeline for what needs to be done when. There are other meetings later in the school year that go into each subject with lots more details. The next one we will need to go to is the financial aid meeting in December.

Today at school, the lower grades took either the PSAT or the pre ACT. The seniors just were going to have workshops about the same things covered at the meeting my husband and I went to, so most seniors just weren't going to school today. They all got out at 11:00!