College Applications

Nov. 1 - 30 is the month to submit your applications for most colleges. Everything can be done online now, not on paper like when I applied to college. My son took several weeks to fill out his application, completing a little at a time, whenever he had a chance. He was ready to submit his application a couple of weeks ago, but he had to wait for his Personal Statement to come back from his AP Lit teacher. Well, the teacher forgot it at home, and when he finally brought it in, there were no needed corrections on my son's paper! He could have submitted his application awhile back. Oh well! So, last Wednesday, my son asked me for $140.00 on my credit card to submit his applications. The applications to the UC system are $70 each. The nice thing is you only have to fill out one application and then it will be submitted to all the UC's you choose. My son applied to UCSD and UC Irvine. Both schools are driving distance from our home. He really only wants to go to UCSD, but the school encourages them to apply to several schools; we could only get him to apply to 2.

So, now the waiting begins. He won't find out if he's been accepted until next year sometime. I hope he gets in to the school he wants.

Have any of your kids applied to college this month?