Healthy Cookbooks

In August, I wrote about looking for every healthy cookbook and magazine that I can find. Well, I'm pleased to say, I've found a few. Some have been good and some have been not so good.

My favorite cookbook I've found is Taste of Home Best Loved Healthy Recipes. I've always loved Taste of Home magazines, but now that we have to follow a heart healthy diet, a lot of my recipes from those magazines don't qualify. I've been able to modify some, but others just can't be modified. So, when I saw this cookbook, I was so excited! It's their recipes, made healthier. I went through the cookbook and wrote down the recipes I thought we would like; it ended up being 5 pages. So far, we've tried 12 recipes and we only didn't like one of them - not bad. Taste of Home came out with a new cookbook on Dec. 26, Taste of Home Healthy cooking, so I just ordered it yesterday. The description named about 5 different recipes, and only 1 of them was already listed in the cookbook I have, so that's not too bad. So, I decided to go ahead and order it. I can't wait for it to come, so I can go through and look for more recipes to try.

Have you found a good healthy cookbook you like?