Kindness Week

Well, I don't have anything to post about prep for college today, so I'm going to tell you about my younger son instead.

This week is Kindness Challenge Week at schools across our city, state, and country. I'm not sure if the whole nation participates too or not. At my First grader's school, they are participating in Kindness Challenge Week by giving out a 50 item checklist of kind things for kids to do this week. If the child is willing to participate in the challenge, at lunch time they can put their name on a large paper flower. There are several other names on each flower too. Today, these flowers were posted around the campus to show how many kids are participating. It was neat to see.

The Great Kindness Challenge checklist has things you can do at school, in your home, and in your community. I won't post all 50, but here are some of them.
Smile at 25 people, be kind to yourself and eat a healthy snack(my son does this every day already), hug your friend, walk or bike to school instead of driving(we already do this), say "good morning" to 15 people(he said that to 5 people today on the way to school), pat yourself on the back(he thought this one was funny), and show appreciation to your principal creatively(he did that last night by saying a prayer thanking God for his principal and then we told him about it this morning).

Is your child's school participating in the Great Kindness Challenge too? If so, let me know in a comment below and share what your child likes about it or has done.