My Kids

My Senior is doing really well in school. We just received his 1st semester grades and he has straight A's with a 4.67 GPA! That should really help out when the colleges look at his current GPA. He got his driver's license on Dec. 26, so he's on to a new adventure in life. Last Saturday his dad had to work, and they usually go fishing, so he asked if he could go himself. We let him, and I think he really enjoyed the freedom. I was a little nervous, and very relieved when I heard the garage door open, signalling he was home!

My Sophomore also has Straight A's! This semester for her PE class, she has to cook healthy things several different times. This time, it was a healthy Italian dinner. She's never cooked before because she doesn't really have the interest or the patience with herself, but she had to last night. If you look on yesterday's post, you can see what she made. She did pretty good by herself. I had to help her flip the meat a couple of times, demonstrate how to cut vegetables, and give her verbal instructions along the way, but she actually did a great job. The dinner turned out good. She brought the meal in today for the teacher to try, because that gives her extra credit. I hope the teacher liked it!

My First Grader is still throwing lots of fits over doing his homework. This new core curriculum is a pain. Instead of being able to add, multiply, subtract, divide like I was taught and even my older kids were taught, he has to draw everything out. This makes him very frustrated because it takes so long. Today his word problem is about 11 snowmen wearing 8 buttons, so how many total. He has to actually draw 11 snowmen with 8 buttons on them and then count the buttons. He was so upset after only drawing 2, so I erased it and started to show him how to add it and multiply it, but he said they can't do it that way. That is frustrating!