My Kids

Not much new to report with my Senior this week. The only thing new is he had to pay for his AP tests which are coming up in May. He has 4 AP classes and they're $55 each! That's a lot to pay all at once.

My Sophomore has 1 AP test we had to pay for, so that's not too bad. She's much more time conscious and has been trying to pay for the test every day since she received the paper about it. The tests weren't available to pay for, for about a week after that, so she was relieved to finally pay for the test. It was funny that they told us about the test and everyday really encouraged the kids to sign up for it, and you couldn't!

My First Grader is still throwing his fits. He's doing his reading right now, but before that, he sat in the rocking recliner when I was walking by and it bumped my hip. I said "ow" and he threw a fit! I'm the one that got hurt, not him, yet he threw the fit! That doesn't make sense!