When to List Holiday Items

I never know when to list holiday items in my Etsy store. I always think I'm doing good, but then other people start listing for the next holiday way before I do. I'm always afraid of listing too early and then the buyer not being able to find my holiday items because they're too far down in my store; or listing too late and people aren't buying for that holiday anymore.

An example, is Valentine's Day. I started listing things for Valentine's Day after New Year's. I try to list at least 1 item every day and will probably stop listing about the beginning of February. I figure people won't buy much later than 1 1/2 weeks before the 14th to make sure it gets there in time. I'm still making items for Valentine's Day too and might stop after this project is done to start working on St. Patrick's Day things.

As soon as I stop listing Valentine's, I'll start listing St. Patrick's Day things, or sooner, depending on how long my last project takes to make. I try not to have too big of a gap between listing and not listing items.

So, what do you do in your Etsy shop? When do you start and stop listing things for holidays and making them?