My Kids

My Senior is doing fine this week. My husband went ahead and started preparing the taxes(he usually does this much later) so we could finish applying for FAFSA(financial aid) for my son; it's due March 2. Well, he gets almost all the way done, and realizes the info. he has online for the brokerage account is for 2012! He called them, and they aren't going to have it ready until Feb.10! Apparently companies can file for extensions for giving you the tax info. you need. That's going to be cutting it close because once we get that info., my husband will put it in and finish our taxes. Then we can work on the FAFSA application, but it pulls from the taxes we file, so I don't know how long it will be after we file them, when they'll be available. Oh, the stress of Senior Year!

My Sophomore is doing o.k. She had a bad cold last week, but went to school because she had some tests. Of course, the tests were rescheduled for the next day and later in the week! So, she went to school every day anyway, along with plenty of cough drops. The only hard part was p.e., especially when they played hockey since that was a lot of running around. She said lots of kids have colds at school right now. At least her cold is almost gone now.

My First Grader has a cough now! I don't think he caught it from his sister because we are very careful about making sure we don't spread our germs around. Several kids in his school are sick also. I hate it when he gets a cough because of his bad allergies, he has a really nasty sounding cough. Every school year, I have to explain to the teacher that, that's just how he coughs. There's even a note in his file from the dr. that says unless he has a fever, he should stay in school. He went to the nurse yesterday during p.e. because he was coughing so much he thought he was going to throw up, but since he didn't have a fever, they sent him back to p.e. I feel sorry for him and his class because it's an almost constant cough. Last week, there was a note on the homework that they can't bring cough drops to school anymore. so that will make it worse. I gave him medicine before school, but he needs both. Oh well, I'm sure soon, they'll be begging me to have him bring cough drops.