My Kids

After having last week off for President's week, my kids are back to school. I miss them!

My Senior is doing fine. We finally were able to get all the information we needed for the taxes, so my husband filed those and then put the new information in the FAFSA and submitted it again. It's weird though, because we got a confirmation page on the 10th that we submitted the changes, so we thought everything was fine. Then, a couple of days ago, we got an email saying your child has started some changes on the FAFSA application, but hasn't submitted them. Our son said he didn't make any changes, so I'm not sure what it's talking about. This FAFSA is complicated! I'll be glad when we finally hear back to see if we qualify for any financial aid or not.

My Sophomore is doing o.k., although there was a little trauma last night. She brought her violin upstairs to practice, and soon came down in a total panic! She had accidentally brought someone else's violin home! Almost everyone's case looks the same and has the same name tag on it. She does have an orange thing on it, that others don't, but she said you can't always see it. The violin was in the same place as hers usually is, so she just took it home. Well, she didn't practice with it, obviously. It did have the person's name on the tag very lightly, so she contacted all her friends to see if they had the boy's number, but they didn't. At least he's a nice kid, so hopefully he won't be mad at her when she returns it today.

My First Grader is doing fine. He had to get new shoes because the velcro on his old ones broke. I don't know why they don't make velcro on shoes very well, but every time, before he outgrows the shoes, the velcro strap breaks! So, this time we bought him tie shoes, but he doesn't know how to tie his shoes. All of us have tried to teach him, but for some reason he just doesn't get it. I just submitted the paper work his teacher gave me because he recommended him for GATE, but he doesn't know how to tie his shoes! How can a kid so smart not know how to tie his shoes! It's funny because there's kids in his class that can barely read, and he reads at least at a third grade level, and they can tie their shoes, and he can't. We have books on it, songs, watch it on tv, show him on our shoes, on his, everything. Does anyone have any suggestions on what worked teaching your kids to tie their shoes?