My Son Finally Heard from Colleges!

Well, my son finally heard from both colleges he applied to. UC Irvine accepted him into the Physics program! UCSD wants him to write a 200 word essay about why he wants to attend there, and then they'll put him on the waiting list. They will let him know between May 1 - June 1 if he's made it in there or not.

So, for now, he went ahead and submitted the payment to UC Irvine with his intent to register there in the Fall. I don't know if he's going to write the essay for UCSD or not.

I'm so proud of him for being accepted into a UC school! It was definitely worth it for him to apply to both schools. If he had only applied to UCSD like he originally intended, he might not have anywhere to attend in the Fall. At least, now, he has somewhere to go! My baby's growing up!

Have any of your kids heard from the colleges they applied to?