I recently became a member of a great program called Smiley360 is a place for consumers to share their opinions with friends about the brands they’ve tried. As a member of Smiley, you're invited you to special “missions,” where you’ll get to try new and exciting products, all for free! Then, all you have to do, is share your honest feedback. They provide you with sharing tools to easily post feedback to friends, both online and offline. The more you share about the products you’ve tried, the more Smiles you’ll earn. Smiles are Smiley360’s point system, which help you earn exclusive access and special opportunities to try new products.

I've already received 2 products to try - Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant toothpaste and Spinbrush, and Perk Vent Wrap. I will review these products in another blog post.

It's easy to share your opinion with others on You just go to your "mission" page and it shows you ways to share - Facebook, twitter, face to face, on your blog, and on their site. It's very easy, you just click on where you want to share, type your opinion, and then it posts it in the appropriate place for you.

If you're interested in trying products for free and sharing your opinion on them, you can visit the website.