Sleep Number Sleep IQ Review

As a member of Smiley360, I was sent on a mission to review Sleep IQ from Sleep Number. I will receive a free pillow for my review, however the opinions expressed are my own. Before heading to the Sleep Number store, I called to find out their location. I got a recording, but didn't want to leave a message. They called me back to say sorry they missed my call and how could they help! That was very nice customer service.

When I arrived at the store, it was a wonderful reception from two very kind salespeople. They were outside the store and my daughter stopped to take the above picture. They thought she was taking a selfie and were joking with her about it.

After I explained why we were there, we walked in and laid down on a bed, after the salesman put pillow liners on the pillows(as a germaphobe, I appreciated that). We experienced the range of the bed, from firmest to softest. My daughter and I both thought it was really fun lying there as the bed automatically adjusted. I found out my sleep number would be 30, for a soft bed, due to the sensitivity of my hips.

This picture shows the salesperson explaining what he's doing.

This picture shows me lying on the bed, listening to the salesperson.

The red area in the picture shows how the firm bed bothers my hips. The bottom picture shows how the softer bed is better for me.

The top picture shows how there's a gap between how my body is lying on the bed and the mattress. The bottom one shows how the bed shapes itself to conform to my body shape.

These pictures show me discussing the features with the salesperson. This bed is really smart(I assume that's why it is called 'IQ.'). It recommends options to better your sleep based on experiences, such as tossing and turning and breathing rate. You get a daily, monthly, and yearly journal on your computer that can show you how to better your daily routine to sleep better. You keep a journal of what you ate or drank each day, and you can compare it to your sleep patterns to see what bothers you and what gives you a more restful sleep; like coffee or junk food might bother your sleep, but healthy food won't. The bed also adjusts itself when you turn over. It also has a snore feature that can raise you up two degrees to stop you from snoring. The reports are for each individual, so it can let you know if your spouse's sleep patterns disturb yours.

I really like this bed and will definitely look into it more when we need a new mattress. If you would like to find out more about it, click on this link. Plus, if you click on it, it will get me points and I would really appreciate it. Thanks!