We Had to Buy a Third Car

We finally decided we needed a third car. We bought a 2012 Honda Civic with 32000 miles on it. My oldest son attends UC Irvine, which is about 50 miles from our house in Oceanside. Last quarter, he took the Sprinter train, the Metro train, and the bus to school two days a week. He drove my van the other 3 days because the train didn't run as late as his classes. His new schedule this quarter would have him leaving on the train at 4:30am and returning at 8:40pm a couple of days, and using my van the other 3 days. It leaves me without a car, which is o.k. sometime because the school where I work is only 1 mile away and we can walk. It can be hard sometimes though without a car, when it rains, when we have after school appointments, or just because we're tired and don't feel like walking. My high school daughter already has to walk from the high school to the elementary school with her backpack and violin, so walking home with us after our school let out was tiring for her(she's a skinny thing so she doesn't need the extra walk either). My husband and I also calculated that the cost of a car payment for 1 month and the cost of gas, is the same or less as the cost of a monthly Metro and Sprinter pass. I think it will be a lot easier with 3 cars in our household.