Better Week

This week was much better. I'm getting used to getting up so early with my son. I'm still tired, but we're getting more used to the routine. This week at work was pretty good, and I was able to help the teacher get a lot of kids caught up on tests and get a lot of classroom projects finished. She also had a lot of fun teasing me because I had trouble with the scotch tape, and got it wrapped around my thumb, and then I couldn't get it to rip off the holder. Apparently I was quite entertaining to watch, and she got a good laugh, and so did the 2nd grade student sitting at our table. Then, the whole rest of the week, they teased me about the scotch tape. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself.

Yesterday, my Pastor called me, and we talked about my passion for benevolence and so now, I'm the new Benevolence team leader for our church! I'm so excited about this new position! Since I save money grocery shopping, I always find good deals and am able to get some free products and products less than a dollar, so I put them in a giveaway box in my garage. Then whenever anyone has a need, I give that to them. So, now it will be great to be able to help even more people at our church through my new position.

Last weekend when I was catching up on my email, I saw a lot of great ideas on blogs for my home that inspired me. One of them was a magnetic days of the week whiteboard for the refrigerator, that I would use for meal planning. I would love to have one of those because I'm always looking at ways to save money and time, so it would save paper(what I use now every week) and time(I wouldn't have to draw up all the lines on the paper anymore). I'm having trouble finding the kind and size that I want, though. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. I also read about people using containers in their/their kids' lunchboxes instead of plastic bags, so I started trying it out for my own snack and lunch on Thursday. I'm going to use the same 2 containers, 1 for snack and 1 for chips, for a week or for as long as I have that flavor of snack/chips, whichever comes first. That should help us save some money on sandwich bags and washing dishes. I'm excited about these new changes and am looking forward to catching up on my email this weekend to see what other new ideas I find.