Eventful Week

This week was rather eventful both at work and at church! At work, one of the other sub teacher aides is no longer working at our school, so I gained her tasks. Now, besides being a sub teacher aide for the student I work with, I also go to another classroom in the afternoon and lead a couple of reading groups and also watch over her class later in the afternoon while she runs an academic intervention group. I am really enjoying the reading groups. It's fun working with the kids in a small group.

I help out in the computer lab before school with some kids that need some extra work on the reading software program, and I was able to solve 2 problems this week. The computers in the middle of the room weren't working because of a network connection problem, so I found the router and saw that it was unplugged, and plugged it back in. I was able to start all the computers then and get them running. I'm sure this doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but I'm not very technologically savvy, so I was pleased I was able to figure out the problem. The dad in the lab, mentioned to me that even with the extra time on the computer, one girl still isn't progressing, so I asked the V.P. if I could sit with her and work with her one on one in the lab to try and help her improve, and he said yes! I'm looking forward to starting that this week.

Two times this week, we were short subs at school, and I was able to sub teach! I subbed in the classroom I am an aide in, and I subbed in a Kindergarten class, while a sub, subbed for me. It was nice to be able to do something different. The best part was, when I returned to my regular class, the kids were so happy to see me that I received some big hugs and smiles!

Last week, I told you about becoming the Benevolence Team Leader at our church. Well, this week, my daughter and I decided to take on another task. We are now the Childhood Leads at our church. We are in charge of the K - 5th grade group. We will coordinate all the leaders and helpers, next time we'll get to pick the curriculum, we organize the lessons and crafts every week, and make sure everything is in order. We have a huge amount to do over the next couple of weeks to get it all organized, but we are enjoying it.

So, how was your week?