Happy New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

We had our traditional night time snack of Hickory Farms turkey sausage, summer sausage, cheddar cheese, smoky cheddar cheese, crackers, low fat chips, pretzels, Greek yogurt french onion and spinach dip, and Martinelli's sparkling cider. We try to keep our New Year's Eve snack as healthy as possible, and it was all delicious! It's just a lot of work to slice it all! My dad used to slice it when I was growing up, and every year when I have to slice it all myself, I am always very appreciative of him for preparing all of that every year for my mom and me. My 8 year old son went to bed around 9:30. My daughter and I played a Monopoly game, we've been playing it a little bit each night all week, until 11:00. Then we watched one of my recorded shows until 11:45 and then tuned in to watch the ball drop. My 18 year old came down around 11:58 to watch the ball drop too. My husband was asleep, until midnight when the alarm he set on the weather monitor went off and woke him up. I went outside to see if any of our neighbors were out, so I could tell them Happy New Year, but I was the only one out on our street. It was a nice night at home with family, ushering in the New Year. Did you stay up and watch the ball drop?

While we ate dinner, I asked everyone what their New Year's resolutions are. The older kids just said to do well in school(which they already do), the youngest said to behave better(he's fine at school, but not at home), and my husband just said to keep his job(which he's had for 10 years, so hopefully that will continue). My resolutions are to complain less and also talk less; basically to stop annoying my family with all my talking. I also want to write on my blog more often, other than just reviews and giveaways(although I definitely want to keep doing those too). These past couple of weeks it was much easier to write on my blog because we had off from school/work. The hard part will be starting next week when school/work starts again. I am going to try really hard to post at least once a week, and hopefully more. Does anyone have any tips for how to accomplish any of my resolutions? Did any of you make any resolutions?