A Look Back on Last Week

Last week was pretty busy at home and at school. At home, I am reviewing several products for several different companies, so I've been busy working on that. I am reviewing Blue Apron foods, 3 face products, and 1 makeup product for another blog. It's been fun reviewing these, and I'm learning about how to make a video for the Blue Apron review project. The InkJoy pens, that I reviewed on my blog, that project for Smiley360 ended yesterday. I'm also reviewing Quaker Popped Rice Cakes for BzzAgent. On top of all that, I'm doing all my usual cooking dinner, baking, and cleaning. My daughter and I also worked on preparing the Sunday School lesson for the teachers this week. I haven't had a lot of time to catch up on email or other stuff around the house. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do that this week because we have the week off school. Although, my college son doesn't.

Work at school was busy this past week too. A week ago Friday, we had a field trip to the Aquarium, Tuesday we had a field trip to another elementary school to watch a play, and then on Friday we had Jump Rope for Heart and Valentine's Day celebrations. It was an eventful week for the kids and busy for us coordinating everything. It will definitely be nice to have a week off.

How was your week?