Paper Mate InkJoy Pens Review

As a member of Smiley 360, I was sent a sample of Paper Mate InkJoy 300 RT pens to review and a gift card to Walmart to purchase some more. However, all opinions expressed are my own. The InkJoy 300 RT pens are retractable and feature a revolutionary ink system for effortless writing. The pen starts quickly, doesn't drag, and requires minimal pressure from your hand. It delivers crisp, clean lines every time. These pens have an extended rubberized grip for optimal comfort while writing. The body of the pen is a translucent color-tinted body and has a metal clip for long lasting durability. They named them InkJoy because they wanted to bring back the joy to writing. There are other versions of the InkJoy Pen, a 100 series and a 500 series. If you want to learn more about these pens, you can visit Paper Mate's website.

There are 8 different colored pens in the 300 RT series, so there's plenty to choose from to use for whatever project you're working on. I used 6 different colored pens for my planner. I am trying to be more organized this year for my blog and other projects I'm working on, so I decided to buy a day planner. I saw this idea on another blog, about using a different colored pen in a planner for each project. I loved the idea and decided to try it myself. I used 2 different colors for my blog regular articles and reviews/giveaways, 2 different colors for a blog I'm a guest writer/reviewer on for regular articles and reviews, 1 color for our Childhood ministry at church that my daughter and I lead, and 1 color for miscellaneous things.

You can see how colorful my whole month looks. I've been using this system for 3 weeks now and it's definitely made my life easier. It's very easy for me to see what I need to do when, and for what project.

This picture shows my Sunday - Wednesday schedule for February so far.

This picture shows my Thursday - Saturday schedule for February so far.

These pens are definitely easy to write with. They write very smoothly and as you can see from my pictures, there aren't any drag marks, just like they said. I didn't see the statement on the back of the pen container that said they are sealed for freshness, so you have to remove the little ball of wax from the tip before use. So, when I started writing with the first pen, I was surprised when the ball of wax came off! Once I was aware of that, it was easy to remove from the rest of the pens. I really enjoy using these pens and love all the colors. Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved different color pens, so these are perfect for me. You can also use these pens for your shopping lists, wish lists, color coding schedules, to do lists and for your kids' homework and school projects. I also think these will be a great tool for me to use in the classroom. I can use the red one for correcting papers, and the other colored ones for notes to parents, notes on the student's chart I work with, notes on my reading group, and so much more. I definitely love these Paper Mate InkJoy pens and look forward to using them even more.

You can also click on this link to learn more about these pens (plus you'll be doing me a huge favor because I earn points toward my Smiley360 mission for every click). Thanks!