My Week

It was hard to go back to school/work after having a week off. It was a crazy week at work. 3 days in a row, I was pulled from the student in my class to go relieve other teachers. The first day, I was pulled in the last hour to relieve a teacher so she could leave early for a conference. When I arrived at her room, there was already a sub there. So, I was told to try 2 other rooms, but they didn't need to be relieved either. Finally, the last room, my son's room, needed me. My daughter walks down from the high school to help in the class, so she took care of my student for me. The next day was just taking over for the teacher in my own room for the last hour because she had a meeting. The third day, was taking over after lunch for a teacher that went home sick. Another teacher had the key and sub plans, so I headed to the classroom with the students after lunch, and waited for her. I found out I was supposed to take another class because it was rotation time. There was a lot of confusion among the other teachers and students for a bit, but it all worked out. I was in that room for an hour until a sub came to relieve me and I went back to my student. Friday, I was able to stay in my class the whole day!

At home, it was back to all the business of cooking, cleaning, homework, and getting things done around the house in the time I have left after work.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the Bible Bookstore looking for new curriculum for our Children's Ministry class. We found some great curriculum! We don't need to switch to that new curriculum until May 10, but we are so excited about it, we can hardly wait! We also made note of some other curriculum we found that we want to start after that. We had so much fun looking through it all.

Last week, I posted a picture of the first time I tried Jamberry nail wraps. They are still on and look great, after a week and a half! My friend is a Jamberry consultant and she asked if anyone wants to host a party online. I decided to host one. It will be on March 14, but you can purchase nail wraps for yourself anytime, you don't have to wait for the 14th. Here's a link to my host site, if you're interested in checking out Jamberry nail wraps for yourself: Brenda's Jamberry Nails Party.

How was your week?