My Week

Last week had some good things and some bad things; although that's probably how it goes every week! We had to buy a new toaster because on our old one, the handle wouldn't stay down, so it wouldn't toast anything. It just kept popping up even though it wasn't done. I think we only had that toaster a couple of years. Things don't seem to last very long anymore.

I also had a pretty bad cold. It started on Saturday, but the weather was warming up, so we just thought it was allergies. I knew on Monday morning that it definitely wasn't just allergies anymore. My nose wouldn't stop running and my head was very heavy. On Monday night, I couldn't sleep because my nose was stuffed and I had excruciating hip pain! I looked it up and it said that the inflammation that comes with a cold, can cause pain in joints. When I called my dad, he told me the same thing and suggested I try an Aleve before bed to ease the pain, and it worked! I also put on some Vaporub, so I was finally able to get some sleep. My cold is finally better now - it lasted about 8 days.

I did look for new blog opportunities to join, and I joined Katherine's Corner Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I had a couple of comments on my blog post that I entered in the blog hop. I hope to increase that in the next few weeks. I entered a recipe, so I plan to post recipes every Wednesday.

I had to take my morning break at work on Wednesday at a different time than usual, and I was blessed to hear a conversation between 2 other subs. They are both credentialed teachers and are looking for a permanent job for next school year. They mentioned looking online at Edjoin, so I decided to look too. I don't have my credential, but I do have my B.A. degree in Liberal Studies and a minor in American Sign Language. Well, there is a post on Edjoin looking for an American Sign Language teacher at a high school! I was hoping it was for my daughter's high school, but the front desk lady at the district thinks it's for the other school. I'm waiting for someone from the district to call me back and let me know. It's been nice to dream a little about how nice it would be to have a teaching job.

Yesterday was very busy with grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking. I did find a little bit of time to put on my Jamberry St. Patrick's Day nail wraps though. My daughter did her nails too, although she found out she prefers nail polish. I prefer the Jamberry wraps. They don't smell like nail polish, they're not too hard to put on, and they last 2 weeks, even with all the hand-washing I do! If you want to find out more about Jamberry, check out my friend's site: Cassie Yate's Jamberry Nails. If you like them and want to make a purchase, if you click on "Brenda's party" when you check out, I'll get a chance to purchase some discounted products.

How was your week?