My Week

Last week was a pretty good week. I work in the Computer Lab before school for an intervention reading program, and I was finally able to get a password to start testing the kids; before that, only the volunteer parent had the past word. Now, we can test more kids every morning. I've had so much fun listening to the kids read and giving them tips on how to take their time reading so they pronounce things properly and don't add words that aren't there. So far, the kids haven't become frustrated, and actually seem to enjoy the help I'm giving them. On Friday, we went on a field trip to a local theater to watch the CYT kids perform The Little Mermaid. It was a cute play. It was really funny at the end when the main characters kissed, because the hundreds of kids in the audience, all went "EWWW!"

Yesterday was the busiest day of the week. We went grocery shopping, I cleaned one of our bathrooms and polished and vacuumed the stairs, I made waffles and smoothies, we did a lot of stuff for our church childhood program, and we went to my parents' for dinner.

The biggest thing this week is I decided to resign from my guest blogging position. It just wasn't working out the way I expected. However, I did learn an important lesson from it. I learned that I have time to write more on my blog. If I can find the time to write the guest blog, I have time to write on my blog. So, this week I'm going to look into how to join the "Make It Mondays," and I also want to find out how people find so many great companies and products to write reviews for. I write for a few, but I would love to write for more. If anyone knows how to do either of these things and wouldn't mind sharing them with me, please let me know; I will give you credit for your help.

So, how was your week?