Adeline Organic Eye Serum Review #ADELINE

My eyes always look awful because I don't get enough sleep, so I was excited to be able to review Adeline Organic Eye Serum. The serum moisturizes skin around your eyes with natural ingredients to reduce the appearance of crow's feet and fine lines. It reduces dark circles under your eyes caused by aging, toxins, poor sleep, pollutants, and sun damage. This organic eye serum will help you enjoy a healthier, more youthful glow even when you're not wearing makeup! It eliminates brown spots and discoloration, reduces inflammation, and improves clarity and tone to take years off your appearance in just 60 seconds a day using the best eye serum available! It also protects the skin around your eyes from dangerous and unsightly damage with antioxidant vitamins. It is made with aloe, cucumber extract, chamomile extract, antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. It is naturally paraben and alcohol free. It's made in the USA. The best part is it's a RISK-FREE restoration of your youthful appearance with their 100% "Bottom of the Bottle" guarantee - if you're not ecstatic, return the bottle for a full refund... even if it's empty!

I've been using this Adeline Organic Eye Serum for a little over a week, and I love it! I like the look of the bottle - it's very elegant - and I like that it's clear in the middle so you can see the serum. The cap is easy to remove and put back on; it glides on and off very smoothly. The pump is also very easy to use and it dispenses just the right amount of serum. I dispense it on a Q-tip and then spread it under my eyes, to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles; and on the sides of my eyes, which is where I have the most wrinkles. I use it every night, after I've removed my makeup, and before I apply my moisturizer. The serum doesn't really have a scent, which is nice, because it doesn't irritate my eyes. For some reason, my eyes have become very sensitive, and just about anything can cause them to burn and water like crazy. Luckily, this serum is very gentle, and my eyes don't burn or water at all. Even though, I haven't been using this eye serum for very long, it's already working! The dark circles and puffiness under my eyes has diminished and it seems like it seems like I have less fine lines and wrinkles. I will definitely continue using this eye serum.

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*I received this product for free to review, however all opinions expressed are my own.