Rainbow Wave Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups 24 - Pack Review #SiliconeBakingCups

I have always wanted to try silicone baking cups, and I even had them on my wishlist in Amazon. So, when I was giving the chance to review these Rainbow Wave Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups 24 - Pack, I was so excited! They are BPA Free and 100% Food-grade silicone. They don't have any rubber or plastic smell. After washing, there isn't any detergent residue. They are NON STICK and provide even heat distribution. When you cook with them, you won't have any more burnt edges or rough surface cupcakes! These baking cups are Oven, Microwave and Refrigerator Safe between -40°F and 450°F. They are suitable for making both hot muffins|cupcakes and cold desserts. The backing cups are easy to peel, easy to wash, REUSABLE and Eco-friendly. You can save trees and say no to paper liners! They come in a set of 24 standard size (2.8") muffin cups designed for most recipes. No hassle of halving the recipe or baking twice like a 12-piece set often demands. They offer FREE SHIPPING for every order of 2 sets or more (Get one for a friend too!) + LIFETIME 100% Money Back GUARANTEE + BONUS Silicone Egg Ring. You can order these Rainbow Wave Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups on Amazon.

The baking cups come in 5 different colors: green, orange, yellow, pink, purple and blue. The ones above are my favorite colors in the set.

I made peanut butter banana muffins. It was very easy to fill these cups with the batter.

These are the baked muffins as soon as they came out of the oven. The muffins smell great and there's no rubber or plastic smell, just like they say.

This muffin recipe makes 18 muffins, so I really like that the baking cups come in a 24 pack.

The muffins pop out of the baking cups so easily! You just have to pull the baking cup back a little and push the bottom, and they just pop right out. You can see how they work on my review on YouTube.

I am so thrilled with these silicone baking cups! They went beyond my expectations with how easy they are to use from start to finish in my muffin recipes. You just spray them, for the first few uses, with cooking spray, fill, bake, pop out, and enjoy! The baking cups are easy to wash; every crumb came out very easy when I washed them by hand. I will definitely continue using these and am so happy to not have to use paper muffin cups anymore. No more paper sticking to the muffins and no more adding to the waste by throwing the paper cups away. I am actually looking forward to making my muffins this week!

If you would like to buy some of these Rainbow Wave Kitchen Silicone Baking Cups 24 - Pack for yourself, they are available on Amazon. If you use the discount code: TOMO5OFF, you will receive $5 off the Amazon sale price.

*I received this product for free to review, however all opinions expressed are my own.