My Week & Bathroom Organization

This week my oldest son started the summer quarter of his college classes. My daughter is done with her training at Legoland and worked on her own this week. In fact, last night, she trained someone else. My youngest son has spent as much time this weekend as he can doing things with his dad, like playing at the park and hitting golf balls.

On Monday, I had an interview at Walmart for their fashion dept. It was a very long day waiting for my turn to be interviewed. Then, there was a second interview about an hour after so they let me go home and eat lunch and come back. The whole process of waiting and interviewing was over 3 hours! The 2nd person to interview me said she was very impressed with my answers and would call me back that night or the next day, but I haven't heard from her yet. So, that's pretty disappointing.

On Tuesday, I listed some of my plastic canvas and craft books on ebay. I have a lot more to list, but it takes awhile to list something. My youngest son had a play date at the local park with a friend from church, so that was fun for both of us. I finally had some adult interaction.

On Wednesday I played on the Wii for a little bit with my youngest son, but I didn't do very well. He did much better than me. I spent a lot of my day organizing our master bathroom. The cupboards were still pretty organized, so I just had to do a little straightening up, but the drawers were another story!

I thought about taking pictures after I finished this drawer, so I don't have a before for this one. Just know, that it looks much better than it did before, because most I had a lot of those little sanitizers still in their packages rather than the bin, and most things weren't stacked neatly in a bin.

I had already removed all of this from the drawer before I took the picture, but it does basically show what a mess the drawer was.

I request a lot of free samples, so that's why I have so many sample shampoos and lotions. At least it's more organized now. When I run out of my current shampoos and lotions, I plan on using these so I won't have to buy anymore for awhile.

This is the before of one of my husband's drawers.

This is the after. A lot of things were out of those zippered pouches, so I just put them back in. Then, I just cut off the top of a cardboard box and put his things in there neatly. If it was for me, I would have wrapped it with decorative paper, but since it's for him, the box is good enough.

This is the before of my husband's other drawer.

This is the after. His hair cut things were all over the drawer, so I put them back in the container. I also got rid of some shoe polish and things he doesn't use anymore. The rest was able to just stack neatly, so I didn't need a box.

I know it still doesn't look as stunningly beautiful as some other organizing projects I've seen on other blogs, but I did the best I could with what I had on hand, and didn't have to buy anything else.

On Thursday, I did the grocery list, which takes a couple of hours. Then my youngest son and I went to the Gemological Institute of America for a Boy Scout field trip. Usually my husband takes him on scout events, but this was in the afternoon and he was still at work. I was very surprised that some of the other moms were pretty snobby. Maybe it's because they didn't really know me and they've had a year to get to know each other.

On Friday, I had my yearly physical, and everything is looking good!

On Saturday, we had to buy a new toaster because only 2 of our 4 slots worked on our old one. The old one didn't last very long, so I hope this one last longer. I also prepared the Sunday School lesson by myself. My daughter usually helps, but she was working.

So, how was your week?