My Week

We had another great week of summer vacation. We didn't go anywhere, but just spending the time together is nice.

My oldest son had this week of college off. He spent most of the time in his room, where his computer and guitar are, but we did get to spend time with him at meals, so that was nice. He also spent one day with his friends, and I'm glad he was able to go have fun and relax. Tomorrow he starts the summer quarter at college.

My daughter started training at her Legoland job. The above picture is her first day working at the Legoland park. The day before, she had worked at the Legoland water park, but she didn't want me to take a picture of her in that uniform because the only size they had at the time was extra large. That shirt is so big, it's like a dress on her; I don't blame her for not wanting a picture of that. She worked 3 days this week, including one where she had to start at 5 in the morning!

My youngest son and I finished going through his school papers tub. So, his room is basically clean! The only thing we have left to do, is when it gets closer to school starting again, is go through his clothes and see what still fits and what he needs new. We had fun playing outside together this week. He finally started being able to make a basket with the basketball! I told him not to give up and keep practicing, and eventually he would make it, and he did! He wanted to stay outside and keep making baskets for a long time.

I did more catch up work this week. I finished reconciling all of my bank statements, cleaned up some of my room, and cleaned out all my desk drawers. I sent my husband some more job leads I found, but he hasn't said anything about them yet, so I haven't applied to any of them. It would be hard to find work now anyway, since my daughter is working and doesn't know her schedule much ahead of time, and my older son will be back to school, so there wouldn't be anyone left to watch my younger son if I had a job. It would be great if I could find a work at home job. One exciting thing that happened to me this week, though, is I do have a job now for the first three months of school! My daughter's sign language teacher will be on maternity leave, and they just assigned me to sub for her for those 3 months! I'm so excited! My daughter and I have been watching my old sign language videos and looking at words in my sign language dictionary, because I've been out of practice a little bit. Now, I'm just waiting for the teacher to contact me so I can look at the curriculum and find out exactly what I'll be teaching.

So, how was your week?