School is Over!

School is over! Well, at least for 2 of my kids, and for my subbing job. My junior and 2nd grader finished school on Thursday, and my college son has finals this week. I also had my last day of work this Thursday. It's funny how the end of the school year brings mixed emotions. We're all glad to be done with this school year and ready for a fun summer together, but we're also sad to not see friends every day. My daughter helped in the class where I was a long-term sub, and she and I already miss the kids in that class.

Now, the summer brings new adventures. My daughter took the SAT yesterday, and we received a flier in the mail for Senior pictures. My daughter and youngest son signed up for the library reading program, and we need to shop this week for a workbook to prepare him for 3rd grade. He will work on that over the summer, along with memorizing multiplication facts and making his printing nicer. My college age son will be taking summer classes, so he'll only have a couple weeks off.

My daughter will also be starting her first job this Friday! She will be working at Legoland. I'm also looking for a summer job, but haven't been very successful yet. I need to find one very soon! Any suggestions?

So, what does your summer look like?