The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham Book Review

I was excited to be able to review The Reason for My Hope: Salvation by Billy Graham because I love listening to him preach, so I was sure I was going to love reading his book. Billy Graham is a world-renowned author, preacher, and evangelist. He is humbled to be called by God to bring the message about Jesus coming to earth to bring hope and salvation. Millions have heard him preach this Good News. He's also written other books, like Angels and Peace with God.

The Reason for My Hope: Salvation is the message Billy Graham's been preaching for more than seventy-five years. This book will give you hope for the future. As I read this book, I wrote down several things that stood out to me and really encouraged me. The introduction was very encouraging and peaked my interest in reading the rest of the book. My favorite quote from the intro. is, "Hope is the first ray of sunshine that peeks above the horizon - without fail - every morning with blazing truth, telling us we can make it through."

There are several personal triumph stories from other believers throughout the book. It's great to hear that other people have made it through tough times with God's help. Some of the topics covered in the book are sin, hope from Jesus' death, the historical evidence about Jesus(like we are the only religion to have a living leader, while all the other leaders of other religions are dead), and Hell - a place with no hope.

Some things that "spoke to me" were that God can make you new, Jesus loves even when He's rejected, a miracle can happen and a sinner's heart can turn to love for God, Jesus is coming back, and Jesus will overcome Satan.

I'm already a believer, so this book just really firmed up my faith, gave me some great things to say when I witness to others, and was very encouraging. This book would be really great for an unbeliever to read, in order to learn about the great hope we all have in Jesus.

I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post, however all opinions expressed are my own.