My Week

I actually got a lot of things done this week, although it didn't really feel like it. That's why looking back on my week is kind of nice because I can see what I accomplished and feel a little better about myself.

Last Sunday, my husband made a drawer organizer for my socks and other things out of a foam board for the dollar store. I was going to take a picture of it, but because there are things other than socks in my drawer(other undergarments), my husband and my daughter both said I shouldn't. I saw the idea for using a foam board to make drawer organizers from a wonderful blog called IHeart Organizing. I have found wonderful inspiration from her blog.

On Monday, I put my daughter's 2007 pictures in a photo album and applied to several more jobs.

On Tuesday, I started out looking at the Staples ad for school supplies and ended up a couple of hours later. I decided I needed to see what school supplies we still had in order to know what we need to buy. Well, that meant putting the school supply inventory list my daughter made last year on the computer, then pulling out everything from the school supply cupboard and marking down the amounts on that inventory list, re-organizing those supplies and putting them back in the cupboard, then updating the list in the computer. Once all that was done, I was ready to look at the ad. It's amazing how one little project can turn into a huge one!

On Wednesday we just had some errands to run, and it was our 20th wedding anniversary.

On Thursday, I finished going over the whole year's worth of ASL 1 video and workbook. Now on to ASL 2. I'm slowly getting a little more prepared for my long-term ASL sub job at the high school.

On Friday, I had an interview at Ross for a part-time seasonal associate. She will get back to me sometime this week. I hope I find a second job soon. It's getting frustrating! 2 of my kids just looked around Ross during my interview because we had errands to run after. One of the errands was trying to look for S.S. Curriculum again. We finally found some! We found a 13 week lesson for the Fall and then a book we can pull lessons out of for 3 weeks in August. We don't want to have to go through that again, so we went ahead and ordered our curriculum for the Winter, Spring and Summer for the curriculum we're using right now.

On Saturday, I was very busy grocery shopping and cleaning.

How was your week?