My Week

A lot happened this week!

On Sunday, I was able to trim the fountain grass in our front yard. It grows so quickly, even without watering, and it was getting difficult to get in and out of my van. I wanted to get more yard work done, but didn't have time. It's amazing how much there always is to do. It seems like I just trimmed the plants, and then after a couple of weeks, it doesn't look like I ever trimmed them.

On Monday I was able to get some more of my daughter's pictures in her album.

On Tuesday, I met with the teacher I'm going to be long-term subbing for. Another ASL teacher from the other high school also joined us for a little bit. I left there feeling more unprepared and overwhelmed than I was when I went in! At least she is going to have masters made for all the weekly packets that need to get done, but I won't see those until the week before school. I'm looking at my daughter's from last year's ASL I class to get an idea of what to expect. I don't really know what to expect for the ASL II and ASL III class. I'm also a little worried about the kids' behavior. They said I'm in for a huge shock, coming from a 2nd grade class to a high school class!

On Wednesday, I finished my daughter's 2008 pictures and we purchased some back-to-school supplies from Staples' weekly sales. My youngest son went to a friend's house to play. Their house is stunningly beautiful! I'm always amazed at how a house looks like kids don't live there. I want to know how to get such a spotless looking house too. I was tempted to ask, but I didn't. That afternoon, I realized I only have 3 1/2 weeks until I go back to work at school and I am nowhere near done with everything I need to do around the house! So, I remembered I had printed an organizing schedule from the IHeartOrganizing blog and decided to use it. I blocked out my days, so instead of doing email a lot of the day, I had set times to work on pictures, listing things on ebay, and things for ASL. It is amazing what a difference this made in just the few days left in the week!

On Thursday, the church office called and our curriculum copies were already ready! We dropped them off on Monday and didn't expect them until Aug. 3. It was a nice surprise. I listed some more things on ebay and finished putting my daughter's 2009 and 2010 pictures in her album.

On Friday, I finished putting her 2011 pictures in her album, printed out a ton of resources I can use in my ASL class, and sold almost all the things on ebay I listed.

On Saturday, my parents came over for dinner so I cleaned and cooked all day.

I will definitely keep using that organizing printable because I was able to get a lot more done, knowing I had blocks of time set aside to do certain things. Do any of you have any time organizing tips that work for you?