Be The Best Mom You Can Be by Marina and Gregory W. Slayton Book Review

I was excited to be able to review Be The Best Mom You Can Be by Marina and Gregory W. Slayton because I'm always looking for books to help me be a better mom. In this book, Marina Slayton and her husband, Gregory, best-selling author of Be a Better Dad Today, reveal the secrets to finding true joy in the sacred role of motherhood. The book uses story, humor, empathy, common sense, and straight talk-grounded in reality and personal experience, while it centers on a mother's desire for wisdom and her commitment to the well-being of her husband and children and provides six time-tested principles (the Six Secrets) for being a truly great mom. In the tradition of Stormie Omartian's and Barbara Rainey's books, the Slaytons offer value-based inspiration, a warm and personal tone, and insightful secrets to both educate and equip moms to be the best mothers they can be. This book will help any mom who wants to grow in her sacred role. Women who need encouragement or advice or who feel ill-equipped to be mothers will find the straight-forward evangelical perspective and practical advice life-changing.

Marina Slayton is a former educator with a master's degree, and Gregory Slayton is a venture capitalist and visiting professor at several Ivy League universities. They have been married for more than twenty-four years and raised four children. They live in Hanover, New Hampshire.

I really enjoyed reading this book every night and found a lot of great helpful advice. It talked about how not to live in stress, and instead live in hope, joy and peace because you don't want to poison your kids with bitterness. That really hit home with me because I complain a lot and am very stressed, so I definitely need to fill my home with peace instead. At the end of each chapter, it has a section for you for further reflection about what you just read. It gives you Scripture to ponder, questions to assess, and a few sentences to sum up. I like that because it helps me remember what I just read. Some other advice I liked is to have a family vision because family gives us a sense of belonging, and we all definitely want to feel like we belong. We need to have peace with who we are and not be tormented by how we think we are perceived by the world. That definitely hit home for me because I always think people think bad things about me. It says instead, we should have an attitude of gratitude. It also reminds me that I am a minister of God's grace to my family. All of those points were good reminders of how I should be acting/speaking as a mom so that my kids can see how much they're loved by me and by God.

If you want to learn how to be a better mom, you can buy it at the Faith Gateway Store or on Amazon.

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