My Week

What a week!

Monday wasn't too bad because we all had it off school and work. We didn't get a lot done like I wanted, but at least we were home.

Tuesday, I had a sub job, but when I arrived at school I was assigned to a different teacher. That happens often, but my poor daughter didn't get my text in time. She arrived at school and headed into the classroom she thought I was in, only to be stopped by the teacher(who didn't know her), and found out my room assignment had changed. Then, that night our phone, cable and internet were all down. The phone runs off the internet, and the internet and cable are from the same company, so that's why it was all down. Since the sub. jobs are all on the computer, I wasn't able to check and see if there were any last minute jobs available for Wednesday, or for any future jobs either.

Wednesday, the teachers at school were surprised to see me at the flag ceremony as a parent, instead of a teacher. That's the first time in over a year! At home, I got caught up on bank statements and other things around the house.

Thursday, I worked for another sub who has a long-term job while the teacher is out. The kids thought it was funny that there was a sub for the sub.

Friday, I worked half the day in one class and half in another. Since the schedules were different, I ended up without a lunch. Since there was a student teacher in the second class, I was at least able to sit in the back of the classroom and eat my lunch while she led the lesson.

Saturday morning, I noticed a wet spot on the kitchen counter. I thought someone had just spilled something, so I just wiped it up. When we came home from grocery shopping, my son wondered why the counter was wet. I very slowly looked up and saw what I dreaded - we had our fourth leak! I called my husband(he was fishing), and when he came home, he cut a hole in the ceiling and found the stream of water coming from a pinhole leak in the pipe. He wrapped a towel around it and we put a bucket underneath to catch the drips. After calling several plumbers, one finally responded and came pretty quickly. In about an hour, he had it fixed. Now we will just leave the hole open to dry out for about a week and then my husband is going to replace the drywall, texture, and paint himself. After the fourth leak, you learn how to do a lot of it yourself.

How was your week?