My Week

My week was interesting. On Monday I didn't have a sub job - it was the first time in over a month! This week was parent-teacher conferences, so of course, most teachers were in school, not absent. Luckily, the rest of the week I had jobs, but most were just half days. On Wednesday, my parents had to pick up my youngest son from school, for the first time at the back gate. Luckily, it all went well. On Friday I was finally back at my youngest son's school. I hadn't subbed there in a couple of weeks. I was greeted with lots of hugs from kids I worked with last year.

Friday afternoon was full of adventure. We switched to Dish because it's $40 a month cheaper than cable. The guy came later than my husband expected, to the second we came home from school, my husband left to go golfing. Well, I still had to pick up my daughter from the high school, so the Dish guy had to just wait outside until we came back. Luckily, he was willing to do that. On our way back, the Fed Ex guy was blocking the driveway. As he drove away, I waved and yelled out my van window to see if he left the package. He hadn't because it needed a signature, so he backed up, parked, and had me sign for the package. That was nice of him. In the meantime, my daughter took the keys and let the Dish guy back in to finish his job. Then, when I was opening our windows to let in cooler air, I noticed the neighbor's gardener had just broke a board in the fence. My daughter can get up on the retaining wall faster than I can, so she was going to yell and get his attention, but he headed to the front. I quickly walked around, but he jumped in his truck and left the other way! So, my husband just patched it up today. Later, when I went to get the mail, a girl came running up to me with her arms outstretched, yelling, "My teacher! My teacher!" Then she gave me a huge hug. She ran over to her mom and told her I was her teacher today. She then ran back to me and gave me another huge hug. She was so excited to know that I lived in the neighborhood! Things like that really make me feel good about my subbing job.

So, how was your week?