My Week

My week wasn't very exciting, but it wasn't bad either.

I finally subbed again at my son's school for a couple of days. I'm so used to subbing there, that it just feels so natural and easy to be there. A lot of the kids know me and I know how the classes work, so it's never very stressful. Plus, it's nice because we can just walk there and back together.

I subbed at another elementary school as a roving sub for a couple of days. Roving is nice because I have a chance to see several classrooms in one day and get a glimpse of what they're like. Roving is also hard because your schedule is crazy.

I subbed in a High School Girl's P.E. class on Friday. It wasn't too bad because we were in inside, and they just took a test and then worked on a yoga routine to present on Monday.

We are all really enjoying our new DISH subscription because we also get a free year of Netflix. My youngest son is having fun watching old Ninja Turtles. I'm enjoying watching Switched at Birth. It's a show about 2 families whose daughters were switched at birth. One of the daughters is Deaf. I watched it when I subbed in the Sign Language class, and I liked it, so I'm glad I get to watch it now. We ended up having to temporarily upgrade our channels because we didn't get NBCSN, which is where a few of the NASCAR races are shown. My oldest son and I have watched the races together since he was little and our favorite driver, Jeff Gordon, is retiring this year. So, we had to upgrade so we could watch his last month of races. Today's race at Talledega was really exciting! Did any of you see it?