My Week

I had a pretty good week subbing. I was at my son's school 2 days, for teachers my kids had in the past. It was fun being back in their classrooms again, plus it helped since I know a little bit about how they run the class. I was at 3 other schools the rest of the week. Only 1 school had a really rowdy 4th grade class. They weren't disrespectful though, just noisy.

The other subs and I were talking about how hard it is to pick up a job nowadays. It used to be so easy, but now you're lucky to get one. Since you have to get them from the computer, it's hard to time it right. A lot of us check at home before we go to school and when we get home, but by then, the other subs that have been checking during the day, have picked up the jobs. It's disappointing. We were trying to figure out a way to remedy that. We also thought it's funny that a lot of times, schools say they're short subs, and that's amazing to us since we're all desperate for jobs!

When my husband and son got back from getting an oil change for my son's car, my husband noticed my son's registration sticker was missing. When he went closer, the sticker left is 2013! I was so upset! What a shame that someone would steal his sticker. Now, he has to find out how to get a replacement, and it's probably going to cost us. It's too bad that people do things like that.

How was your week?