My Week

This last week was nice because we had Wednesday off for Veteran's Day; however none of us wanted to go back to school the next day. Subbing was fine this week. Friday was my best day. I subbed the morning in my son's old first grade class and the afternoon in another first grade class at a different school. Both sets of students were pretty well behaved. I also saw my older kids' previous middle school and high school principal. He's now the principal at an elementary school. It was nice to see him and chat.

Wednesday was nice because we ran some errands and got some things done around the house.

Yesterday was my youngest son's 9th birthday. He had 4 kids over for his Ninja Turtle party. 4 people RSVP'd to the party, but not the 4 that showed up. 3 had RSVP'd, 1 mom said she texted but it was our home phone which doesn't receive texts, 1 that was supposed to come showed up at the front door screaming and throwing a fit saying he didn't want to come so they dropped off the present and left. I think that was the most interesting start to a birthday party I've ever had! We were scrambling changing the names on the cups and game pieces. It all worked out and the boys had fun so that's all that mattered.

So, how was your week?