My Week

This week was rather interesting.

On Monday, I subbed in a 3rd grade class. One boy was so rude and disrespectful. He talked back and wouldn't follow directions, he kept talking about a girl that was tattling on him. I told him she wouldn't tattle if he wasn't doing anything wrong, but he just kept talking about her tattling. So, I finally told him the only one I heard talking was him, she wasn't saying anything, and then he said, "I hear you." I was shocked! The whole class was silent, waiting for my reaction. I wrote a note for him to go to the office and when I handed it to him, he tore it up and threw it in the trash! So, I called the office, told them what happened, and told them he refused to go. Well, he changed his mind and went, and I had to send another student with a new note. That boy didn't come back in my class. It was nice the office took care of it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn't have any jobs. I was supposed to work on Tuesday but it was cancelled because the district cancelled the teachers' training days. Apparently they're out of the class too much, so that's their solution. It's too bad for us subs because that will mean a lot less jobs. I will need to talk to my husband sometime and see if I need to get a second job now.

On Thursday and Friday I had jobs, and they were fine. Thursday I was roving in 5 different classes, from kindergarten to 8th grade. Friday I was in a first grade class I've been in before.

On Saturday, we went to my parents' house for dinner. It's always nice to get a break from cooking.

So, how was your week?