Blog Plans for 2016

I have been working hard over the last few days trying to get my blog ready for 2016. I have a file folder where I keep things I want to do when I have time. Most of these are things I've seen in magazines or on other blogs that I tore out/printed out, in order to explore when I have more time. I have names of blogs I want to look at and maybe follow, review sites, survey sites, affiliate programs, work from home ideas, ways to get free stuff, how to keep people engaged on your blog/Facebook, and ideas for blog posts. So, I went over all the blog ideas and wrote down a whole bunch that I liked and want to write about on my blog. I want to have more posts on my blog, other than just "My Week," and reviews/giveaways. My next step today is to plan out my January blog posts in my new 2016 planner. For now, I will try to post on at least Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I will add more as I can. So, I hope you will continue following my blog in 2016, and I hope you will enjoy all the great things I have planned.

Do you have any new plans for your blog in 2016?