My Week

This week was a pretty good week.

On Monday, I worked in a 2nd grade class at my son's school. I was lucky because we went to sing carols at the retirement home across the street. The residents were so happy to see the kids and they were really kind to us also. I shook hands with all of them. My hands were cold, so the ladies tried to warm them up. On the way back, one of the dads told me he appreciated me subbing for the class that day.

On Tuesday, I was in a Kindergarten class. I had been wearing my big jacket all morning, so when the kids came back from lunch and saw me without my jacket, one girl asked why I was so skinny! I told her maybe it's because I took off my big jacket. She wasn't convinced and pressed for an answer, so I told her it's because I eat healthy and exercise. Then she sucked in her tummy and told me she does too!

On Wednesday, I didn't have a job, so I tried to get as much done as I could before I picked up my kids from their half day. I went to Costco and got gas, the Christmas picture we had developed, and the ham for Christmas dinner. When I got home, I worked quick and wrote up all the Christmas cards - I finished one minute before time to pick up my daughter! On the way back, we stopped by the post office to drop them off. Lucky for me, the guy was outside the mailboxes, collecting the mail in them, so I just rolled down my window and handed him my cards.

On Thursday, I was in a pre-K class. It was exhausting! I was on my feet the whole time, running around the classroom, monitoring the kids. When I got home, I wasn't able to go on my walk because there were loose dogs outside and they were snapping at people. I'm scared of dogs because I've been bit by every dog I've ever met, so I didn't get to go on my walk.

On Friday, I went to a school I hadn't been to before, and subbed in a first grade class. The teacher was sick, so another teacher was in the room, putting out lots of things for me to have the kids do for the day. It's really nice how the teachers help each other out.

On Saturday, we defrosted our chest freezer that's in the garage. Ice has been building up in it for awhile, so my husband decided we better defrost it. It's a long process. My son went to my dad's house to borrow his dolly and a cooler. We put all the meat in our house freezer and all the rest of the things in my dad's cooler. We used the dolly to get the freezer outside and then hosed it down, broke out the ice, and cleaned the inside and outside. When it was dry, we plugged it in and waited for it to cool down again. Then, I updated my inventory list of items in the freezer(I was proud, I wasn't off by much), and put everything back in.

How was your week?