College Applications

About 2 years ago, I wrote about my son's prep for college, so now I'm going to write about my daughter's prep for college.

So, now that my daughter is a Senior in high school, she's been applying for colleges. She applied to 3 UC's - UCSD, UC Irvine, and UC Berkeley. Those applications were due by November 30. They spent the month before writing their personal statements in their English class. They had their peers look at them and edit them, and then would rewrite them. This process repeated every week, until finally the teacher looked at them and gave his input. While they were working on that, she did as much of the application as she could on the computer, so when the statement was finally done, she just had to add that to her application and submit it. She submitted it over Thanksgiving vacation. When it was time to pay for the applications, she needed my credit card. So, I went upstairs with it so she could enter the information. She typed something wrong in our address and hit backspace to correct it, and the computer didn't like that. It told her there was an error and she'd have to wait up to 3 days to try again! So, the next time she just took my card upstairs and input the info without me around, and it worked! Technology doesn't always like me very much.

She also applied to Stanford using something called the Common App. This was due this past Monday, so she submitted it over Christmas vacation.

She knows that the UC's have received her application and UC Berkeley even asked for letters of recommendation. She's having technical problems with this too. Apparently, one of her teacher's email addresses isn't correct on the school website, so he isn't receiving the email from the college that she's having forwarded to him so he can submit his letter of rec., and the system isn't allowing her to change his email address. She's tried calling them and emailing them to solve the problem, but hasn't had any luck so far. They're due the 15th, so hopefully she gets an answer soon.

So, now all we do is wait until sometime in March to hear where's she's accepted.